Green Witch Next Door

Herbal Wisdom, Tarot, and Ceremony

Herbal Wisdom

Plant Walks, Classes, Consultations and Mentorships. Learn to identify plants, find your herbal allies, make herbal remedies, connect with nature, and become your own expert in healing with herbs.

Tarot: Tree-of-Life and Wheel-of-the-Year Wisdom, Insight and Intuitive Guidance into Life’s Transitions and Evolutions


Laura Marie Parker is the Green Witch Next Door. She is the neighbor who has a remedy for the most common ailments, and she grows all the green things in her garden that other people refer to as weeds. She guides others to create Whole Health, and with the help of her green allies she will teach you how to nourish your wholeness.

Laura lives in a house where a pot is always bubbling on the stove, infusions are always brewing, and her rafters are full of drying herbs during the harvesting seasons of the year. The center of life for her is a dynamic dance of wild weeds, sustainable communities and staying nourished while the world spins around her.

She sees that true magic for humans is in the immersion of commitment to each person’s greater purpose. Laura has a gift of seeing people’s integrity, and her work involves diving into your roots with you to find how you can nurture your deeper truths.

Green Witch Next Door

Building the Church of the Goddess and Nourishing Wholeness

Wise Woman Wisdom is the Wisdom of the Ancients, 
the Grandmothers, and the very roots of 
the Mother Gaia that we live on.